allinclusive foundation

A friend for
  • Diversity
  • Belonging
  • Inclusion

Allinclusive Foundation is a Not for Profit that works towards creating inclusive spaces.

We support individuals by adapting the environments and empowering the people surrounding them.


Enabling inclusion at all stages

Early Childhood
Got a recent diagnosis ?

We help parents to navigate the diagnosis of their child, learn ways of responding appropriately to the child's needs and connect them to the right resources through our Early Initiator Program 

School Age
Inclusion Consulting in Schools

Our Inclusion Facilitation Program supports schools by orienting the school administration, training teachers and parents, strengthening special education programs and adapting curriculum and assessments. 

Transition into teenage

We help parents and caregivers understand the changing needs of children transitioning to adolescence through our Sexuality Education Program 

Employment Support

We facilitate inclusion in workplaces that employ individuals with differences through our Supported Employment Program. We also initiate and support entreprenurial ideas in the space.

Our Initiatives


We empower children to go beyond speech and use multiple forms of communication including AAC

Early Initiator

Got a recent diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, LD or other developmental disorders ?
We are here to support you through the journey

Sexuality Education

We empower parents, caregivers and educators to support children through their transition to adolescence


Making Inclusion Happen


When you make one classroom
  • Inclusive
  • Diverse
  • Accessible
you create many more children with empathy.

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An ecosystem for Inclusion
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